Saturday, June 5

Tutorial: How to make a tag blanket

My just over one year-old niece loves this little tag blanket given to her by a friend of my sister's. She loves it so much she drags it along with her on the floor, tugs on the little ribbon loops with her tiny little fingers, and rubs the soft ribbon on her nose constantly. Well the blanket that she was given is so over loved that the ribbon loops are being pulled out and my sister has had to cut off a few of them. Soon all the ribbon tags will be gone and what fun is that.

But no worries, because she enlisted me to make some new ones for my niece and I was happy to oblige!

  • Two pieces of 13" x  13" Minky Dot fabric (or a soft fleece, or any very soft, almost fluffy fabric).
  • 12 pieces of 4.25" long ribbon varying in width (I only picked the satin ribbon because my neice doesn't like the ribbed ribbon, but you can choose whatever ribbon you like).
  • Matching thread

1) Lay one 13" x 13" piece of Minky Dot right side up.

2) Fold the ribbon pieces in half wrong side together to form a loop

3) Place the folded ribbon with the loop side pointing towards the centre, three on each side of the Minky Dot square, equally spaced out. Pin in place. 

4) Sew each ribbon in place with a 1/4" seam allowance. Note that Minky can be difficult to sew so make sure to keep a good hold on your fabric while sewing it.

5) Place the other 13" x 13" piece of Minky Dot on top of the one with ribbons, right side together. Pin in place.

6) Mark with chalk or a fabric marker a 1.75" opening as shown in the above images.

7) Sew around the square with a 1/2" seam allowance making sure the backstitch at the beginning and end of the opening.

8) Trim the excess fabric at the corners only.

9) Turn right side out through the opening pushing the corners out with a dull pencil, chopstick, or point turner.

10) Topstitch 1/4" from the edge, making sure to close the opening.

11) You are done! Way to go! I hope your little one enjoys it.

    If you want to show off your finished project you can add it my Flickr Pool.


    1. Do babies like them to be that small so they can hold them better? I am going to make this for my 8 month old!!

    2. I think so. My two year old niece has loved her taggy blanket and takes it with her everywhere and rubs the tags on her nose! I hope your 8-month old loves it!


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