Sunday, April 18

Highbrow Hobo Bag

I finished making my sister a bag for her birthday today. I decided to make her a Highbrow Hobo out of Amy Butler fabric. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it the pattern was even better the second time around (I made one for my other sister's birthday before).

I changed the pattern a bit, adding a zipper pocket on the inside and a zipper closure instead of a magnetic snap. Also, instead of using fleece and interfacing I used a very stiff white canvas I got for the cheaps online and I quite like the sturdiness of it as opposed to using fleece/batting.

The Highbrow Hobo bag is one of Lisa Lam's patterns. She has a fabulous blog called U-handblog with awesome bag making tips and even some free patterns (this bag is not one of them, but you can purchase it here).

Anyhow I just barely finished it before heading out for the birthday dinner and had about two seconds to snap some pics (which is why the pictures are a bit weak, but oh well).

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