Friday, March 19

Julie Chen - The most amazing books

PANORAMA: images are from Flying Fish Press

I was watching a series on PBS up here in Canada called Craft in America (
Episode V: Process). Everything they showcased was so amazing and interesting. One that really stood out was this visual book art designer and writer, Julie Chen. She hand creates these books which occupy the reader's visual space and unfold, pop-up, flip, etc through her own publishing company called Flying Fish Press.

VIEW: images from Flying Fish Press

I love her style as well as the obvious grandeur of her books. I have always loved books, I love to hold them and open them up, and when books are interactive it just blows my mind. I don't feel like I could create something like this but I can sure appreciate it.

A GUIDE TO HIGHER LEARNING: Images from Flying Fish Press

PERSONAL PARADIGMS: Images from Flying Fish Press

FULL CIRCLE: Images from Flying Fish Press

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